Consciousness made easy

I belong to those who for a long time felt that they didn’t know what consciousness was supposed to be all about. Was it being able to feel and think? Was it perceptual awareness (as in ‘did you hear that sound’?) What did attention have to do with it (the searchlight hypothesis, lots of stored information is not consciously present at any time)?

Finally, while discussing the soliton theory vs. Hodgkin-Huxley (bad), and mentioning that no one has a theory of anesthesia (TMK), (i.e. how it happens and why it works), probably because of the wrong conception in Hodgkin-Huxley,, I thought consciousness made easy is just (awake state – anesthesia). The difference is what makes up consciousness. We can measure this difference in a number of ways, brain imaging, neuronal spiking behavior, EEG/EcoG, LFPs, voltammetry of neurochemicals, and quantify it. Sure it is not a simple task, and people may disagree on how to integrate measurements for a solid theory of what is happening, but conceptually it is at least clearly defined.